About Me

Thank you for being here!
I appreciate you more than you know and love that you’re following along!
I’m Heidi, maker of the things; best friend to Winnie; dreamer and doer. Years ago I started my dream of renovating a 1972 Winnebago Brave to take my small business on the road and to a different level. 3 years ago, that dream came true and Winnie and I have been cruising the Midwest ever since!! We call Madison Wisconsin home, but aren’t afraid to take the backroads all over so that we can share with you an amazing shopping experience. I curate, make, design and gather home décor, vintage accessories, apparel, candles, jewelry, gifts and more!! It’s amazing what Winnie and I can pack inside to bring to you! 
Sound crazy? Well...it is. It’s an experience like no other but the nostalgia of this truck welcomes you and exudes all the things I hold dear...memories of times with friends and loved ones, a time when things were maybe simpler and slower. To me it’s cozy, it’s easy and for sure it’s fun!!
If you have met me you know I sorta have a big personality. I’m unapologetically loud, I love to laugh, entertain and embrace those around me. You could say dreamer extraordinaire but I say goal oriented. You’ll find me on the road less traveled every single time! I do not except the word no and excuses are just roadblocks. Truly, honestly and wholeheartedly I feel like we are given this short time here to make a difference. I choose do so through kindness, laughter and adventure! Although it’s hard at times, I believe in myself. I believe in my dreams.
I hope you can join me on this crazy adventure. I hope you find inspiration, encouragement and even a giggle or two. I couldn’t keep doing what I do without you!  Thank you!!
Xoxo - Heidi
Heidi LeHew owner ReKindled & Co